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Image d'une personne qui se fait masser | Massothérapie | Massotherapy

Monsieur Jean offers you a suite dedicated to your well-being in order to take a moment of respite in solo or in duo (tandem).

Our therapists offer several types of massages such as Swedish, oil or therapeutic. Concerned about your comfort, they will gladly adapt to your particular needs in order to relieve tension and deliver an optimal experience.

You can add this service to your stay when you make your reservation. We will contact you afterwards to set an appointent that suits you best.

Massages of 60 minutes are offered at $125 +tx and those of 90 minutes at $165 +tx.

Image homme massage | Massage thérapeutique | Massage suédois
Image facial | Massage thérapeutique | Massage suédois | Aromathérapie
Image de la salle de massage | Massothérapie | Massage en duo | Suédois | Californien