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Le Watson

Travel with your dog at Monsieur Jean for an additionnal $35 / day / animal.*

This package includes:

  • A bed for your pet
  • Bowls for food and water
  • A treat


  • Pet friendly are for : dogs and birds (in cages only).

A security deposit of $500 will be required.

Please read carefully  :
In the event that there is no available suite reserved for pet friendly, we will not be able to make your reservation with your animal.
If your pet does not meet our eligibility once there, you will not be able to access your suite.
*We only accept dogs in certain room categories, 2 animals per room maximum.

During the booking process :
We will ask you for the name of your pet and its size : small, medium, large to determine the good size of the bowls and the bed.

Only a few rooms accept pets. It is mandatory to contact us directly in order to process your booking. Please call us at 418-977-7777 or write us an email in order to assist you in planning your stay with your furry friend.

Image de Watson | Golden Retriver